Barton’s: ‘This is our home’

Barton is an avid outdoorsman.

His passion has never been to be a tree hugger, but a little tree has always been his favorite object.

And now he has the opportunity to live the dream.

The family of three grew up in rural Ohio, so Barton has a unique appreciation for the natural beauty of the state.

When his wife and children moved to California in 2012, they had no idea where the place was.

Now Barton and his wife, Kelly, have been living there for nearly three years, and the two plan to stay there for years to come.

“This is what I love most about the place,” Barton said.

We like it when the sun comes up. “

We love the mountains and the blue skies.

We like it when the sun comes up.

And I think that’s the best part about the land: the natural environment.”

Barton says that living in the forest is so relaxing that he has started taking trips to the mountains every day.

“When you get into a place that is so untouched and the landscape is so beautiful, that’s just something you can’t imagine being able to live in,” he said.

Barton’s plan to live a forest-filled life is not just about his love of the outdoors, but about creating a place where he can still get a sense of privacy and family.

Barton grew up at a time when the Internet was still new, and he is not sure if his childhood memories are coming back.

But he hopes to share them in his new home.

He’s also thinking about what his children and grandchildren will think of his adventures.

“That’s what makes this so special,” Barto said. 

“This is my home,” he added, “And I want them to know that we are proud of it.”