How to buy new home in the South

THOMPSON, S.C. (AP) Buyers looking for a new home near the coast can get one at Thompsons, a South Carolina-based home improvement store.

Thompsons sells its new homes on the website and is based in Thompsonsville, a coastal town about an hour’s drive from Charleston.

The store has three different types of homes on its website: one that is for sale and is only available for a week or two, one that will last for several months and one that has already been sold and is ready to be bought.

The Thompsons’ website says it has a limited number of the homes and that if you buy one for less than the asking price, you can have it delivered to your door.

Thompson says the homes come in all sizes and models.

The store also sells homes that are available for rent.

For $1,000 or less, you pay a deposit of $5,000, Thompsons says on its site.

The deposit can be paid on the day of the sale, which is usually April 30, or by June 30.

If you’re looking for more than one home, Thompson has more than 1,200 homes for sale, and its website says you can rent them for $3 a night.

Thompsons website says the new homes are “more affordable than many other homes that you can buy locally.”

When the company launched its website in 2008, the average cost of a new-home transaction was about $1 million, Thompson says on the company’s website.

Thommans’ website now lists the average price for a house in the state at about $2 million.