When will the crypto world wake up to this story?

We’ve been here before, folks.

You might remember the CryptoCurrency community was rocked by the tragic loss of Bitcoin Cash and its implosion back in February of this year.

That, coupled with the impending fork of Bitcoin, led to a spike in price that would only continue for several days.

Now, after months of slow growth, the Crypto economy has awoken to the news that the Bitcoin community has re-ignited its old flame and is about to unleash its most destructive, and perhaps best-selling, cryptocurrency, Ether.

While the community is still trying to recover from the loss of bitcoin, many are now focused on the fact that the cryptocurrency is about $100bn worth of ether, or ether equivalent.

The news that this is coming from the community has sparked an immediate reaction in the cryptocurrency community.

The Ethereum community, as well as others, are claiming that this will drive a huge price drop, a loss that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

“Ether prices will plummet like the stock market plummeted in 1929,” wrote the official Ether Twitter account.

Ether’s price has dropped by more than 80% since last year’s fork, with many traders speculating that this could signal that the price is set to spike in the coming days.

The community is already predicting that Ether will start trading at $1,200 by the end of the week.

“Ether will become the new bitcoin,” one Ethereum developer tweeted.

“Its value is skyrocketing.

It’s going to be the next great cryptocurrency.”

Ethereum has been a favorite of crypto traders since its inception, and the community expects it to take off in the next few days.

What is Ether?

Eether, like bitcoin, is a cryptocurrency.

It is essentially a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange platform.

The currency is created through a cryptographic hash function, and is pegged to the bitcoin price, meaning it is only linked to the actual currency.

The exchange is controlled by a token, known as a ether, which is then issued in tokens, called ether.

The tokens are not directly linked to a specific user, but instead can be used to purchase goods and services.

It’s worth noting that the Ethereum blockchain is not linked to any specific currency, but rather a collection of transactions that are all being performed on the blockchain.

Each of these transactions are not linked individually to any individual, but all are performed by an automated system.

While the Ethereum platform is decentralized, it is not anonymous, meaning that any user can see exactly what transactions are being made, what tokens they are holding, and how much ether they are trading.

The Ethereum blockchain has also been heavily used by the cryptocurrency industry to store transaction histories.

This allows the platform to prove ownership of any Ether being traded, which allows a user to track any asset being traded.

According to Ethereum developers, the Ethereum project is now more than 2,000 times bigger than bitcoin.

The company has been growing faster than bitcoin since the first major fork in February.

At the time of the fork, the cryptocurrency was trading at less than $500 per coin, and at that time, it was trading for about $1.5bn.

Bitcoin has been trading around $1bn a day, but the Ethereum network is now trading for over $1 trillion.

So, why is Ethereum so popular?

For one, there are two big reasons for the popularity of Ethereum.

One is that it is an easy-to use cryptocurrency, and a very cheap one.

The second is that there are already millions of Ethereum tokens on the market, which means it is easy for anyone to make an investment in Ether.

Why is Ether so popular in the crypto market?

The reason why Ether is so popular is that its decentralized nature allows for its price to fluctuate widely, meaning any investor can be part of the Ethereum ecosystem and make a profit.

There is also an incredible number of people who hold Ethereum, with more than 1.2 billion ether sitting in circulation.

This is an astounding number of tokens, as most people do not know about Ethereum.

This means that people can make massive profits when it comes to Ether.

This has caused Ethereum to become the most popular cryptocurrency among investors, as it has become a popular investment vehicle.

Another reason why Ethereum is popular is because it is decentralized.

It means that anyone with a computer can access the network and participate in the ecosystem.

This allows for anyone in the world to participate in Ether trading, and anyone can also purchase Ether, which would be the case if it was just a currency.

That means there is no need for any centralized authority to handle transactions and provide oversight for the platform.

For the most part, the Bitcoin economy is based on centralized exchanges and financial institutions, and there is a huge difference between having a central entity handle the whole business, and one that merely oversees the Ether market.

In fact, many people believe