‘Jack’ Home Improvement App Gets 3rd Round of Funding

The company has just received $100 million in new funding to expand its products.

Jack, which launched in 2012, is an online marketplace that allows consumers to purchase and sell home improvement products, with a selection of different home improvement services and products available.

The company was acquired by Sears in 2015 for $8 billion, and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jack is currently in the process of adding new home improvement categories, but it is also looking to expand to other areas.

The firm will add a section for furniture and other home improvements in the coming months, and has plans to add an appliance category to its site in the future.

Jack was founded in 2011 by former Army officer Jack Toth.

The app was first launched on iOS in 2013, and the app has since gone viral, reaching more than 1 billion users in less than two years.

In the last year, Jack has grown to more than 200 million monthly active users, with more than 11 million people signing up for its newsletter.

Jack has a presence in more than 40 countries and plans to continue to grow in the next two years, the company said in a statement.