How much can you save on home improvement?

A survey of home improvement professionals across Ireland has revealed a surprising figure of up to €1,000 in savings on the cost of a basic home improvement project.

The survey by the Association of Home Improvement Professionals (AHIP) showed that the average cost of basic home improvements in 2017 was €1.6m and a range of different projects can cost between €5,000 and €10,000.

A home improvement contractor who works with homeowners said they would be able to save an average of €100 a month by saving on their project costs.

The results were published in a paper entitled “The Cost of Basic Home Improvement: A Survey of Professionals” published on the AHIP website.

The paper said that over the course of the year there were more than 6.3 million improvements performed by home improvement contractors in Ireland and there was an average cost for each one to be €1 million.

It said that with a range in the range of €10-25 million, a home improvement budget of €1m is enough to pay for a basic project for every person who is in the process of completing their project.AHAIP’s survey of the cost to repair a standard home would put the average homeowner on the low end of the spectrum, with a budget of just €8,000 to cover a basic repair of a standard standard home.

However, there are some projects that are more expensive to perform and can cost up to over €50 million.

The cost of installing a new roof on a standard property would run at €90 million and up to an additional €25 million would be required for installing a roof over a house.

The total cost of the repair of the standard home is also estimated at €1 billion and the number of projects that can be completed with a simple budget of under €1bn.

The report concluded that there was a great need for people to know the value of their home and that this would be the key factor to help people save on their home improvements.

The AAIP’s president, Joe Kelly said that the survey was important to ensure that people understand the true cost of home improvements and what can be done to minimise costs.

He said that it was important that all the professionals and professionals’ groups across Ireland knew the value and the cost associated with home improvements to help improve the quality of life of those who live in rural areas.

The Association of Small Businesses (SBA) and the Irish Construction Industry Association (ICIA) have also recently released a statement urging everyone to ensure they know the true value of any home improvement.

They said that while many home improvements can be quite simple, there is a lot more to a home that is important for the individual to live in and to improve.

The Department of Housing, Social Protection and Local Government (DHPLG) has issued a statement stating that while the survey results are good, it is important to understand the costs associated with a typical home improvement and the amount of money that can potentially be saved.

It also stated that the Department of Social Protection will be releasing a report in 2017 that will look at how to better support homeowners in terms of their property maintenance.