‘Superior Home Improvement’ Actor Gets Paid $2 Million for His Work on ‘Superiors’

A star in the making of a TV show is getting paid $2 million for his work on a movie.

John Paulson, best known for his roles on “The Office,” “Battlestar Galactica” and “American Horror Story: Asylum,” is getting $1 million a month for eight weeks of work on “Superiors,” the new CBS series about the real estate industry.

The $2,000-per-week contract is the highest-paid show-business actor of the last decade, according to salary tracking site PayScale.com.

Paulson’s role on “superior” was a key storyline in the CBS pilot, which is slated to premiere this fall.

In the pilot, Paulson plays the real-estate mogul Joe and the realtor, who is a former Navy SEAL who has come up through the ranks of the industry.

Paulsons character is in charge of getting to know his clients, getting to the bottom of their problems and putting them back on track.

Paulsen also stars in the new NBC sitcom “Superior” and is in talks to star in “The Voice,” which is set to air on NBC next year.

Paul Smith has earned a total of $1.8 million since he joined the television industry in 2008.

His previous biggest payday came last year when he earned $3.7 million in a series of commercials for Ford and other automakers.

His contract is for eight episodes of the CBS series, which premiered last month.

CBS says the show will run for eight years.