Home improvement license holders sue, demand return of equipment

The owners of power home improvement licensees in the state of Alaska have filed a lawsuit against the owners of another power company in a case that could eventually determine the future of the business.

The owners filed their lawsuit Thursday in Anchorage, a city in northern Alaska.

The suit alleges that the owners’ owners, two brothers, used the licensees to take advantage of the license holders by charging them fees for work done on the premises and by paying the license fee.

The brothers also allege the license owners engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices and violated the Alaska Fair Credit Act by making false or misleading statements about their licenses.

On Friday, the owners filed a motion for summary judgment that requested that the court allow the suit to proceed, according to a statement from the Anchorage District Attorney’s Office.

Anchorage attorney Robert W. Brown and his partner, Mark A. Brown, are seeking a permanent injunction to stop the brothers from using the power licensees’ facilities for any purpose.

According to the lawsuit, the brothers allegedly used the power licenses to sell electricity from their home heating systems to other residents.

Brown and Brown allege that the brothers’ conduct is an unfair and illegal practice because it violates the Fair Credit and Consumer Protection Act.

Under the law, an owner of a power company can’t use a license to make any unfair or deceptive business practice and must make sure the owner’s property is properly occupied and secured to prevent undue burdens or costs.