Randy’s Home Improvement has a new home improvement deal

The company, which was founded by Randy Harris and his wife, has a deal with the U.S. Department of Energy to upgrade their home.

The deal will include $2 million worth of energy efficiency improvements for the Harris’ home.

According to the DOE, the Harris home is about 30 years old and has a water and electrical system that’s no longer in good condition.

Randy’s home improvement company is also getting some major upgrades.

The company has started renovating the garage to improve ventilation and electrical outlets, which is a big deal for anyone living in a home that can’t be completely cleaned up.

The Harris family also moved to the city from Illinois to get away from their family’s home.

Rutgers University will be providing students with a new room at their home in a new building.

According, the new room will be located in the new home’s basement, and will have a private kitchen.

Rutgers has also announced it will be offering $25,000 in scholarships for Rutgers students who live in Newark.

The Harris family is not the only ones who have a new house in the works.

The new home is also being renovated.

The property is being renovated and will include a new kitchen, new bedrooms, a new bathroom and a new laundry room.

The new home also includes an air conditioning system and has been put up for sale.