How to remove the red carpet on a vacation home

Home improvement enthusiasts across Australia have been celebrating the arrival of the Australian Christmas season with a new round of decorating for the home.

The arrival of this festive season comes after the introduction of the ‘Aspen Christmas’ decorating programme, which will allow Australians to create their own Christmas decorations, while also encouraging Australians to decorate their homes for a greater return on their investment.

The new program, which is also being rolled out across the country, has been a huge success for many home improvement enthusiasts, with many people celebrating the holiday season in their homes.

The Aspen Christmas decorating program, or Aspen Dolly, has seen Australians decorate the front and back of their homes in an effort to encourage Christmas shopping.

“There are many reasons why Aspen has been successful, but it’s been so rewarding to see how well this Christmas season has gone,” said Aspen owner Chris Firth.

“With aspen we can’t get much more Christmas shopping done at home than we do at our office, so this year has been fantastic for the whole family.”

“Aspen has a great reputation for being the place to go for Christmas shopping and this is just another reason we are excited for this year’s season.”

While it’s not as much fun to buy Christmas decorations as it is to buy new, many Australians have started creating their own home improvement decorations and are finding that it’s really rewarding to create your own.

“I’ve been making my own Christmas decoration for over 10 years now,” said homeowner James.

“When you make your own, it’s like you’re getting back to your roots.”

James says that when he started he would make up Christmas decorations using a mix of different materials including paper, cardstock, paint, and even tinsel.

“My favourite thing about Christmas is that the only way to celebrate is to do it yourself,” he said.

“You don’t have to make it look like you’ve just got a new house, you can just make it something special.”

The Australian Christmas decoration programme will continue to encourage Australians to find a home improvement project that is a true reflection of who they are.

The ABC contacted Aspen to find out more about how it’s helping to encourage a new generation of decorators to decorating their homes, but we’ve yet to receive a response.

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