Monk’s home improvement shows,monks’ home improvement forum: The ‘big question’

The home improvement forums of the monk, Ven.

Venkateshwaran, have long been the subject of questions, and some of the questions raised in the forums have been quite controversial.

The questions raised are not limited to monks, and many people have asked about the fact that monks do not have an obligation to live in a monastery.

Some people say monks should live at home as their parents would, while others say that they should live outside their home to avoid being seen as selfish.

However, the monks themselves do not agree with these criticisms.

In an interview with the Times of India, Venkadeshwarana, a retired monk, says: “I don’t see any reason for the monks not to live at their home.

They have to take care of their health.

The monks do what they are told. “

The reason is for the spiritual growth of the monks.

The monks do what they are told.

They must be able to go to the market, they have to keep their homes tidy, and they have a clean house.

I have no objection to the monks living at home.”

A monk’s home is a part of their life and they should follow the guidelines and practices of the community, Venkhaswami says.

His advice is that it is not the monks who must live at the monastery, but the community.

A lot of people who have asked these questions say that the community is responsible for ensuring the well-being of the monastic community.

“We are the ones who are responsible for providing the necessities of life,” he says.

“If the monks don’t take care, they will suffer,” he adds.

The monastery, or the community at large, is the group that is responsible to ensure the well being of the people living in the community and that they are not left behind.

Vaisakaswamy, a monk in the Buddhist sect of Theravada Buddhism, who is also a senior professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, says that monks must be well-known, respected and honoured.

Venkateshwamy says: The monks who are famous and respected have done a lot.

They work as guides and leaders, they take care on the road, they live at an altitude and they live outside of the city.

If a monk has any faults, they are due to the community that has given them the opportunity.

This is not because they are greedy, but they are good at their jobs and they deserve to be treated well.

He adds that the monasteries should not be the only institutions of learning in a community.

He says: When a child has good grades in school, it doesn’t matter how much money the teacher makes.

He should also have the opportunity to go out and study.

But when he gets older, the education system should have been built up by others.

The monk says that the monks must follow the rules of the temple and not be lazy.

“It’s important for a monk to keep his precepts,” he clarifies.

“There is a need to keep discipline and not go out on weekends.”

The first time I visited Venkageshwaranas monastery, in September last year, I was surprised by the number of monks who were dressed in traditional attire, with the exception of the nuns.

They were dressed as saints.

When I asked Venkameshwarani what was the difference between the monks and lay people, he said: They have their own set of rules and they must follow them.

“Some of them don’t follow any rules,” he said.

“But they follow the teachings of the religion.

It’s not the rules that matter.

The way they live their life is not wrong.

The problem is the lack of rules.

It is the monks’ ignorance and lack of discipline.”

A lot people who ask these questions don’t realise that there is a difference between what the monks have to do in their monastery and the way the rest of us do things.

The monk says: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that monks should not do any things.

They say that you should just stay in the house and don’t do anything.

They also say that if you have a bad day, you should go home and sleep.

These are all just misnomers.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t do things, but only that you don’t try to do things that are wrong.

I think that people who are in charge of the lives of the Buddhist community should be good stewards of the wealth of the village, not just monks.

I would also like to mention the Maha Yoga teacher Venkhagya Prabhupada, who has become famous as a social activist for his ‘anti-mon