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The first batch of home improvement technology that we expect to see is coming out later this year, according to Home Tech News.

The tech, called SmartThings, is an open platform that lets people control, monitor and monitor home automation systems, including smart thermostats, smart lights, smart doors and more.

The smart home system, which also includes home security systems, home automation cameras and smart thermo-control, has been gaining traction in the past few years, but it is only just now getting mainstream adoption.

The SmartThings platform will be able to help homeowners and contractors control and monitor their home’s energy, water and heating systems, SmartHome News said.

This will help them to control the energy use and prevent the water from freezing.

“SmartThings will also provide a platform for developers to bring the functionality of smart home automation into the homes of consumers and businesses,” Home Tech reported.

“Developers will be encouraged to add features such as smart water and thermostat controls, as well as smart light and air conditioner controls.

The goal is to create a truly seamless home automation platform that will be accessible to a wide range of people from a wide variety of markets.”

Home Tech also noted that the platform will also allow developers to integrate SmartThings into existing home automation technology such as thermostatic switches and smoke detectors, as long as they can provide “a compelling value proposition for consumers.” 

Home Tech said that developers can use the platform to develop their own smart home solutions.

“With the SmartThings API, developers can create a simple home automation solution that uses SmartThings to control lighting and other components of a home, and then integrate it into existing thermostatics, thermostators, smart home sensors and other connected devices,” HomeTech said.

“The SmartThings SDK allows developers to develop custom home automation apps that work on any smart home platform.

This allows users to develop home automation solutions for multiple smart home platforms, including SmartThings-enabled smart lights and smart water meters.”

SmartThings also has been used in smart locks and other home security devices, so it will be interesting to see how many homes are being updated with SmartThings as the technology matures.